Intelligent Coordination
Leveraging AI to recommend relevant people to ideas, and ideas to ideas, and people to people is similar to how Spotify recommends songs from learning among playlists. Teams of people can auto-curate and self-assemble in teams that share a common profession, or passion. By enabling those groups to engage via underlying smart contracts measuring impact, ownership of IP can be effortlessly tracked and attributed at the right portion to the right contributor. Furthermore, transactions made with that IP/Insight can then be monetized in a way that returns the lion’s share to the originators of the insights.
Dynamic Validation
Validation of the value of a contributor can be measured by the interaction their ideas garner. A brilliant idea that is not agreed to, rejected or even considered is of no value. Meanwhile learners digesting the ideas of others is also measurable; like storage into a battery, knowledge transfer can be metered. Validation requires attribution to specific knowledge domains and attaching those to an entity (group or person) in an immutable and non fungible way. If the process for validation is ‘trustless’ (no trust required), then a person can remain anonymous and be known only by a pseudonym, being known for the value they create, not by their name, photo or school attended. This is not possible in a Web2 environment where profiles are centrally held and where the complex systems for attributing merit can be manipulated.
Decentralized Incentives
Value can manifest in belonging, recognition, learning, ownership, and/or monetary compensation. However, when controlled by a central party, the incentives become dulled or even muted by the uncertainty of trust. If however these incentives are based on immutable contracts, governed by a distributed group of people with shared and common interests, the value of the promise of each layer of incentives are greater. By decentralizing the mechanisms that drive assurances, participants engage more, provide richer insights and work with purpose, as they have an ownership in the outcome of their work as well as the community itself.
Share And Learn With Equal Caliber Peers
Professional Networking
Revenue Share Through Marketplace Sales
Soulbound Proof Of Passion Through Peer Validation
Spendable And Tradeable Utility Token
Pop X Crnc = Voting Power
Passion is the root of what drives our members. We are not mercenaries, as people we want to be fulfilled on many levels; number one, staying relevant in the topics that define our life’s pursuit.
Passion is not self proclaimed, but it is recognizable by others.
Passion is not divided when shared, it grows exponentially.
Sharing a common passion with others is one of the most rewarding human experiences.
How passion is measured
There is a point system that rewards points at the interaction level for Creators and Learners. Passion Points are triggered by the validation of one’s peers through meaningful interactions. For example: On Post A, Sam shares an idea that gets ignored, she earns no points on that interaction. On Sam’s Post B, there were people who agreed and disagreed with her and shared her post with others that attracte the attention of validated experts; post B would earn many points.
Interactions that result in passion points
Comments to my post
Comments on comments
Emoji or Favorite Reactions
Facilitator Recognition
Votes on Distilled Insights
Quotations in Reports or Publications
Passion Points are converted to freshly minted Currntcy and Proof of Passion tokens every 28 hours.
Points to Currntcy:
Points earned in a period determines the percentage distribution of ownership. If a member earned 10% of all the total passion points earned in that time period (every 28 hours), they will receive 10% of the minted Currntcy
Points to PoP:
Points earned are added 1-to-1 toward badges on one’s profile that reflect domain areas of expertise (e.g. blockchain architecture, smart contract audit, etc.) or capabilities (facilitator, report writer, infographics, etc.).